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6 Ways Brands Are Using Messenger Apps to Reach their Audience

Messenger apps and chatbots exist to answer questions and fulfill requests for users—without them ever having to leave their computer or mobile device.

Singles Day was a global shopping phenomenon, but will US marketers hop on board?

Singles Day may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it part of your 2018 marketing strategy. Contributor Shani Rosenfelder explains why US marketers shouldn’t ignore the holiday.

How to Have Meaningful Conversations with Your Customers

Customers can tell when your heart isn’t in a conversation. But there are a few specific behaviors you can focus on to make sure your customer feels valued and heard.

Google Santa Tracker is live, counting down the days until Christmas with holiday games & resources

This year’s Google Santa Tracker comes with coding games, an elf filter in the Android App, and daily updates delivered via an Advent-style calendar.

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